Counting my blessings… not my candles!

Today is my 50th birthday.  Now for those of you (especially some of my coworkers who thought I was in my 30s (bless you), this age of mine will come as a shock!  Yes, it’s true. I am officially 50 today.  The BIG Five-oh!  Wow!  How did I get here?

I’ve not been looking forward to this birthday really, and I have been telling myself, it’s juvictoryst a number, it’s just a number. And indeed, it is  just a number, but it’s a pretty significant number.  For me, it’s more than a milestone – it’s a victory lap.  I’m here.  I’ve made it this far. And, God willing, I’ll live to be a nice, ripe old age.  I owe that to three important people in my life that weren’t as lucky — my Dad, my Mom, and my Brother — who each died in their early 50s.  I’m carrying the torch forward for them!

Oh Whoa Is Me, aka Pity Party

When I woke up this morning, I will admit that I started off having myself a little pity party.  It’s icy here in Nashville, Tennessee where I live.  We just had an ice storm yesterday and the roads in the area are treacherous, to say the least.  I had a wonderful day planned for myself which included a spa day and a nice dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.  That’s all now canceled.  I’m at home – iced in – with my fur children, Panda (the dog) and Max (the cat).  I’m also moving in 8 days, so my kitchen is packed, including my pantry, so I’m having frozen pizza as my birthday dinner tonight.  And I’m not going to see another soul in person.  I’m bummed to the max (as we said in the 80s)!

But then I saw that the sun is shining brightly and the ice in the trees is glistening. It’s so beautiful and mesmerizing to watch, really.  Friends and family members are calling, sending text messages, and posting on my Facebook wall with well wishes. I am not forgotten. And although I’m by myself at home, I know ‘m not alone in this world.  I realize life is good -even iced-in on my birthday, and I am beyond blessed! For starters …

I have my health

I have my mind (although some could argue that point at times)…

I am loved

I am warm, safe, and dry

I am employed

I am simply BLESSED!

birthdaycakeSo on this, the first day of my 51st year, I have a challenge for you, no matter your age:

Remember that those candles on your cake are not something to be dreaded.  They are indeed something to celebrate!  You’re here!  You made it another year!  You enjoyed more of what this precious life has to offer!  You are blessed and you are loved.

What more could you or I possibly need or want?  Happy Birthday, Donna.  Yes!  Happy Blessings Day to me!

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